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Almansa and the surrounding area

The nearest town to our finca, Almansa is located on the eastern edge of Castilla-La Mancha, home of Don Quixote.  Its fertile plateau can be found in the heart of Spain, about 100 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The town itself is dominated by the remains of its imposing 14th century castle but has numerous other features or historical and architectural merit; it can be easily reached by the modern and well maintained Spanish roads from within Spain and across Europe.

Traditionally the area is known for its low population density, arts and crafts, historical architecture, and unique archaeology alongside its agricultural produce. Alongside animal pasture and olive trees, sturdy native grape varieties such as Monastell and Garnacha tintorera are widely grown by the innumerable local wine producers who transform these special grapes into the most delicious wines.

The people of Almansa and surrounding villages make considerable efforts to keep alive their history and the old traditions of Spain. For example, every year on the 25th of April the Battle of Almansa in 1707 is commemorated as the turning point in the War of the Spanish Succession. In early May there are the famous Moros y Cristianos festivities. These festivities mark an important time in European politics when in 1492 the last Moorish leaders withdrew from Granada and Spain.

Things to do

Winery tour
Adjacent to our finca is Bodega Matamangos. This is a unique winery owned by our neighbour señor Carlos who is producing a quality organic wine. For guests interested in wine making, tours of his winery can be arranged and are highly recommended.
Cultural sites
The region of Castilla-La Mancha in which our finca is located is the inspirational setting for the stories of Don Quixote de La Mancha. Though the area’s cultural history extends back into early human times with several sites having examples of prehistoric rock art which can be visited in the area.
Pantano de Almansa
Originally built in the late 16th century Pantano de Almansa is one of the oldest reservoirs in Europe and is about 10 minutes from the finca. Though originally developed to store water for nearby irrigation it is now also widely used for recreational activities such as water sports (summer months), nature walks and family fun.
Every season and every place creates its own unique moments and memories. Photography opportunities, whether around the finca, at lake Pantano or in the town of Almansa can capture these moments as a keepsake forever. Because of the low light pollution in the area even the ‘Milky way’ and other astrological features of the night sky can be visible to photographers to capture.
Walking and hiking
In the proximity of our finca there are several established treks ready for you to enjoy. Mountain ‘Mekka’ is a great starting point for some of the best treks.
Join our local ‘pastor’ and his perros (dogs) while he herds his sheep and goats and explore the uniqueness of the Las Botas landscape. End the tour with a picnic to fully appreciate this way of life and landscape.
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